Yutaka Investments

Our team of specialist advisors will help you to meet your financial goals. Most investors have a diverse range of priorities – family, business along with differing levels of risk, at Yutaka Investments we can help you manage your portfolio.

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Yutaka Trading Platform

Our clients can manage their trades via our internet based custom trading platform this allows you to keep in touch with your investments 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This system allows you to fully manage your account or if you prefer one of our professional advisors can assist you.

yutaka trading platform

Who We Are?

Yutaka Investments is a bespoke financial services company based in Tokyo. Over the past ten years we have established a comprehensive client base and a reputation for effective wealth management.

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Key Features

We have made a great effort to differentiate both our business and our processes, we have embraced new technology while maintaining close client contact and service. Below are some key points you about our business and services.

Research & Analysis

Most people are aware that research is key to making sound financial decisions, our team of analysts are dedicated to market research and provide our client with the best advice.


Making timely decisions is also very important in managing your investments, at Yutaka Investments we use a number of methods to provide important alerts to our clients.

Trading Platform

As mentioned above our trading platform allows you to fully manage your investments, it is easy to use and can offer our clients an efficient management tool.

Primary Benefits Of Trading With Us

Client Confidentiality

Keeping our clients information safe and secure is of paramount importance to us, we do not share your details with any other companies your data is safe, for further details see our Privacy Policy.

Latest Market News

Getting actionable market alerts to our clients is something we take very seriously, once you have set up an account our team will actively monitor all market news channels to keep our clients informed.

Account Advisors

Our team of executive account advisors assist our clients with all aspects of their account and portfolio. We aim to maintain a close relationship with our clients and all clients are assigned an account advisor.