Yutaka Investments Clients

Individual Clients

We provide a comprehensive range of financial management services to individual clients and families who meet our selection criteria. Our professional advisors use their close client relationship to identify requirements, targets, risk levels and concerns to develop a clear client requirement analysis. This analysis is then used to identify potential services, financial products that meet the client requirements, as the client portfolio grows this analysis develops into a wealth blueprint for further financial advancement. The result is a strong foundation of trust, aligning the client’s interests with our own leading to a clear, successful investment strategy.

Charities and Corporate Clients

Charities and Corporate clients often come to us with a clear predefined requirements, our experienced team are always on-hand to provide clear advice. We have assisted a number of smaller charities in making sound investment decisions that has helped them make the most from the their donations while reducing risk and taxation.

Administration and Client Support

Providing to high quality financial advice is only part of the equation, the administration, support and management is also a vital process which must be handled efficiently. Our support team manage all transactions, reporting, recording and pension trusteeship with extreme professionalism allowing other areas to concentrate their efforts without being hindered by paperwork. Administration also handles full reporting and monitoring to ensure all departments are performing at maximum levels.

 If you require more details on any of our services then please contact us and arrange an appointment to speak with one of our professional Advisory Team.