Yutaka Investments Ideology

Our teams experience has been gained in large corporate financial institutions allowing us to maintain a clear ideology.

Client-centric almost seems like a cliche in today’s world as we hear similar phrases used in many disciplines, usually by large corporate where it has lost all relevance. We are serious about putting our clients interest first even above our own – that is our ideology, ethos.

Many of our team have come from large corporate financial institutions where close client interaction has been replaced by automated response systems and personal client service has become limited. We have positioned ourselves to take advantage of the best expertise and resources while still maintaining close almost family relationship with our private clients. Of paramount importance to  use is that our client investments are successful.

Taking advantage of existing relationships with some of the best global asset managers allows us to find the very best opportunities which we can then pass on to our clients. With our proven track record that consistently out-performs our rivals and industry benchmarks, achieved through regular monitoring and redefining of our financial offerings.

Our clients gain access to some of the best global asset management opportunities, while benefiting from a close client relationship and customer service.

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