Strategic Finance

Yutaka Investments Strategic Finance

“Our team are there to help you manage the transaction” 

Buying or selling all or part of a business can be a complicated undertaking. Our corporate team has the experience to support you through these transitions. Planning and execution of all necessary transactions is where we can assist you.

We have acquired specific expertise covering a wide range of industry sectors, which range from the latest methods through to the traditional and everything in between.

Our experience dictates that not only functional and business decisions need to be made, but also strategic and emotional choices which we will assist with, directing and leading you on each and every step.

Listed below are just a few critical aspects of the disposal, merger, and acquisition processes in which we can support you

  • Transaction negotiation and finalization
  • Purchaser and vendor due diligence
  • Management of sales processes or acquisitions
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Detailed and high-level research on potential transaction counter-parties
  • The preparation of an information memorandum and supporting documentation
  • Advising all vested interests including key customers/suppliers, employees, management, and shareholders on the impact of your proposed development
  • Preparation of your business for disposal or integration of a newly acquired operation

When required we will work alongside your existing advisors and when required introduce you to our trusted partners in the areas of law and taxation.