Asset Management

Yutaka Investments Asset Management

“Analysis of our client’s risk tolerance allows us to tailor services to meet their needs”


Without stating the obvious trust is a key component to our business and to the success of our clients, our success has been based on the trust of our clients. Client-first service has helped us maintain long-lasting client relationships while consistently exceeding their expectations.

Attentive Client Service

Our primary aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, we have achieved this by keeping close contact with our clients establishing a full analysis of their requirements, then making sure our clients are kept up to date with the services and products we have provided.

By providing our clients with bespoke services and products that meet their exact requirements we have developed a significant number of long-term clients.

Risk Management

Dealing with risk management is a vital part of our process, preserving capital is often a primary requirement of low-risk investors. With the tenacious analysis of our client’s requirements, we are able to provide the best possible investment solution this helps provide the best positive outcome thus maintaining long-term client relationships.


Being 100% independent from outside influence while still being able to provide access to professional global wealth managers has helped us maintain a high level of client trust. Offering unbiased recommendations to our clients has helped us gain a much-deserved reputation for sound, clear financial advice. Even when an offering is commission based that commission is usually disclosed to the client, so the decision is always transparent.

Global Outlook

In this connected world providing global solutions to our clients is an important part of our service. Our team continually searches for the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities across global markets.

This helps us provide retail financial products that are diversified and reduce risk from local economic climate changes.  The breadth and depth of our analysis and detailed due diligence allow us to assemble truly diversified portfolios, with revenues being inspired by traditional and alternative assets.

Outside the Box

To use the cliche “thinking outside the box” is a good way of explaining why we have been so successful and have achieved higher levels of returns on the products we offer. Innovation remains key to getting the best possible results, finding and analyzing a diverse range of global investment opportunities while still managing risk has made it possible for us to create highly successful portfolios both for our own advancement and our clients.