Investment Funds

Yutaka Investments Investment Funds

Our team manages investments for our clients in a number of regulated funds along with individual portfolios which have been developed by a number of global fund managers.

To the novice investor, the range of available investment funds can be somewhat confusing with so many funds available, however, the number of these funds that are actually performing well is quite small. To assist our clients we allocate significant resources to analyze these performing funds, track them and create reports on their viability as investment opportunities. 

Portfolio diversification is an important way of minimizing risk, investment funds are useful in this respect as they draw on our team’s expertise, analysis, and research. 

The importance of using active wealth managers, who are not limited by accepted benchmarks gives our clients the assurance they have the security of proactively and diversified managed portfolios that are strategically covered over a broad range of investment styles, risk profiles, asset classes, and territories.

Our recommended investment fund over traditional asset classes along with more definitive funds that are based on other sectors such as small-cap, alternatives, and emerging markets. This gives our client portfolios a unique ability to change their exposure at different stages of the investment life cycle.

Liquidity is also an important aspect of portfolio management that is why the majority of the investment funds that we use trade daily and are completely regulated.

Relative Return/Traditional Investment Funds

Investment funds give investors scope across a collection of securities; real estate, commodities, bonds, stocks, etc. Investment managers monitor and modify the components of the fund, with a given fund containing anywhere from 25 to 150 individual assets.

Usually, traditional funds remain aligned with the markets as they change, their managers will be aiming to exceed the accepted benchmarks. Part of our process is not only to monitor funds but also managers in an attempt to track their performance.

When selecting traditional investment funds, our team aims to identify those that have a dependable track record of rendering strong risk-adjusted returns, often favoring fund managers and funds that are not compelled by benchmarking and consider opposing views notwithstanding market intelligence.

Within this category, there is an extensive range of strategies, territories, and asset classes which include:


Funds that invest in small-cap, special situations, thematic strategies, frontier, and emerging markets, developed and global equities. In every case, we draw on our managers who have proven track records within their particular specialty

Commodities & Resources

Funds that invest in businesses with exposure to commodities and commodities themselves including alternative energy, packaging and paper, construction materials, and chemicals.

Fixed Interest/Total Return

Bond based investments that generate returns from combining currency gains, capital appreciation, and interest income by investing principally in floating and fixed-rate debt securities and debt obligations of corporate issuers, government-related or governments globally

Real Estate

Funds that are exposed to real estate are typically REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or simplistic property funds. These are managed by fund managers who have the support of analysts that are located globally affording them very specific and comprehensive knowledge of particular companies, economies, and properties into which they invest and experience exposure.