Our Clients

Yutaka Investments Clients

In simple terms our clients and their success lie at the very core of our business, if they don’t make money neither do we, getting the know their full financial profile is key to our objectives.

Our team can provide unique advice dependent on whether you have a lump sum to invest from an inheritance, a work bonus or pension capital. Alternatively, you may wish to put away a regular amount to build a capital sum in the future, perhaps to fund your children’s school or university education.

We know that our advice needs to be as individual as you are, produced to fit your lifestyle, family life, and your professional life.

We will look at making your capital as tax efficient as achievable, using all available tax allowances either when making the investment or taking the profits. We will always make sure you are happy with the level of risk associated with any investment and will regularly revisit this with you.

We believe this service offering sets our clients apart from those of other wealth management companies. To apply for an account with us please click registration link at the top of the page.