Cash Flow & Planning

Yutaka Investments Cashflow and Planning

“Our aim is always to attain the very best outcome for our clients and their families” 

An initial outline of a client’s full financial health is a vital aspect of our process, this covers a number of areas listed below, once this has been established we can then continue to define financial objectives and the path to achieving them.

Initial financial outline:

  • Income
  • Obligations
  • Liabilities
  • Current Assets

We can then take this information and build a financial model of this which translates and affects cash flow over time. This then enables us to build an effective individual investment strategy.

As risk management is always a factor this process allows you to reach your financial objective without exposing you to unnecessary risk. Our team has put together an effective investment plan based on the following:

  • Analysis of borrowings which includes covenant tests
  • Interest rates
  • Maturity profiles
  • Repayment schedules etc.
  • Analysis of the valuation of current personal assets, pension/s and current investments
  • Preparation of detailed cash flow projection from now until a finite point